Large Fabric bowl cover WAXED
Covers a 10" bowl when stretched

Waxed covers: Wash with drop of dish soap and cold water let dry on drying rack.

Waxed covers are the best choice for longer term storage, covered with a layer of 100% pure organic beeswax, the layer of wax helps to make your cover more airtight and helps to keep the moisture in your food for longer time. 

Each fabric bowl cover is hand printed and hand sewn on the best quality GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON in a small town in British Columbia Canada. Each cover comes with a sewn in elastic that secures your cover firmly around the bowl so that it stays in place and makes it easy to use. A cover that stays in place keeps your food fresher for longer!

Single use plastic wrap is harmful to your family and harmful to the environment. Replacing wrap with a cotton bowl cover is a way to protect your family from the toxic chemicals in the plastic leeching into your food and it is environmentally friendly.

Large Fabric bowl cover WAXED