4 Adult Bamboo toothbrushes for a year's supply of brushing.1 - Flosspot Biodegradable Pure Silk Dental Floss is a luxurious silk dental floss, lightly waxed with candelilla for strength and ease of use between tight teeth. It is not flavoured to prevent changing any lab results for purity of its silk, which is at least 97% pure. This product contains no plastic and is therefore safe for the environment. This floss comes in a mini glass mason jar which is refillable, reusable and eco-friendly.1 - Copper Tongue Scraper. The BamBrush Copper Metal Tongue Scraper is the easiest way to help keep fresh breath all day by removing bacteria and plaque from your tongue. Simply place the metal tongue scraper on the back of your tongue, pull forward, and boom, fresher breath.1 - Nelson Naturals Spearmint Toothpaste. The classic toothpaste flavour for the ultimate fresh breath! No funny business here.Slightly less sweet than our other formulas, the Spearmint toothpaste packs a punch.Does not contain glycerin, SLS or Fluoride.

Oral Care Gift Set - plastic free