5 pack Unpaper Towels.Roughly 11" x 11" in size.Made from: 100% Organic Bamboo Terry Cloth -  white in colour             (This is the bottom of the cloth and holds the most absorption.)100% Cotton (the top decorative layer) The cotton is sourced from large cotton scraps, and roll ends from local makers who no longer have use for the fabrics.Unpaper towels are the perfect replacement for those rolls of paper towels we tend to use an abundance of.  They absorb more than your regular paper towel, and can be used for all the same scenarios as a paper towel. Washing windows, cleaning up spilt messes, cleaning children's hands and faces after a messy meal, soaking up extra water off of washed veggies and more. Instead of throwing it out when you are done, you wash them and dry them and use over and over for years to come. When the life cycle is complete they can be cut up and thrown into the compost as they are all made from 100% natural fibers

Unpaper Towel Roll